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Youth Group Calendars

Youth Group Calendars

Phone:  800-432-4941

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If you are looking for a fun way to raise money for your school or youth group, then the few minutes you spend on this site will be worth it.


Youth Group Calendars is owned by Wall Printing, Inc., a commercial printer in High Point, NC.  The owners have worked with youth for 25 years and have spend plenty of time raising money for various activities.  There are a lot of great money raising ideas.  What makes this one special is you not only raise money, but save a little bit of history of your organization.  Over the years we've come up with a few tricks that can allow you to make 100% profit from the sales of these calendars.


It's easy to create a calendar of your group.  See "How does it work" for more information.  All you need is the photos you want on the calendar.     If you do not have the expertise to do that simply upload the photos and tell us which ones you want on each month.  If there are any special messages or ads you want, send them along and tell us where to put them.  In a three or four days we will send you a PDF to look at and shortly after that you will receive a couple of samples to look at and sell from.


The calendars are printed on 80 lb gloss enamel text on our HP digital press.  The quality is remarkable and the digital press allows us to keep the costs low.

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