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Raise Money With Avon Fund~Raising

Raise Money With Avon Fund~Raising

Phone:  240-355-3259

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WITH A AVON FUND~RAISER:There's minimal paperwork to complete .No need to buy merchandise up front.The average Customer will order more than $15 worth of products.All AVON products have a money-back guaranteeNo door to door selling:Participants can sell to families, neighbors and friends, and still produce a profitable fund-raiser.Your organization can have it's money in as little as 3 weeks. EARNINGS POTENTIALBased on the number of participants and cost of products, lets decide what pecentage of profits your organization will receive. For example,100 participants who sell  $15 to 10 people=$15,000 total sales. @35% Fund-Raiser Earnings, your organization receives $5,250. Most organizations will have more than 100 participants or participants will sell to more than 10 people. YOU DO THE MATH!!Potential earnings of 40% is possible, based on total sales... PARTICPANT'S MATERIALSYour organization will receive:Colored Personlized Flyers (with your organizations name)Collection EnvelopesDelivery BagsThese materials make the AVON Fund-Raiser:Simple to organizeEasy to manageHave a professional lookNEXT STEPS:Now that I have presented this #1 Fund-Raising opportunity to you can we discuss:When do you want to begin your Fund-Raiser?Who will be the Fund-Raiser Coordinators?(1 for every 20 participants)How long will the Fund-Raiser last?When is your order due date?When should we expect product delivery to your organization and payment to you?Who will help package the orders?Contact me today to get started.... I look forward to making your AVON Fund-Raiser a success!   

Hyattsville, Maryland

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