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The Value Card

The Value Card

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Discount card program, no upfront costs, highest profits, generous cash reward program.

1. Calloway customizes the discounts with the commmunity's favorite restaurant, shop and businesses.These discount are advertised FREE of charge for one full year on the durable plastic CALLOWAY VALUE CARDS.

2. Calloway provided your organization with the number of calloway value cards your group would like to sell. We also provide promotional material, such as sale flyers and parent literature.

3. Your Organization's members sell the cards for $10.00 each. For every cards you sell, you keep $6.00 send Calloway the remaining $4.00. (For example : Your organization has 500 memberrs Who sell 5 cards each. You collect $25,000.00 and     Keep $15,000.00!!!). And since CALLOWAY VALUE CARDS is one -year program, it provides renewable income Year after  Year!

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