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How It Works There are a million reasons to create a PropellShop® and start selling merchandise with your logo, photos or artwork. Perfect for fund-raising, promoting your business — or just making money selling cool products. IN A NUTSHELL It's pretty simple. Use any logo, picture, or artwork that you think would look good on clothing and other merchandise. Upload the images to your shop, choose the items that you want to sell, and you're done. Then we automatically create a web page for you with all the items you selected. You can embed that page in your website — if you have one — or just use the stand-alone website address we provide. Anyone — your customers, fans, team members, or friends and family — can visit this page and buy items from your store. When someone buys one of the items you created, we'll make the item, collect the money, ship the item, and pay you a percentage of the sale. It's Free. Yes, Really. There is no charge to use PropellShops® — it is risk free. We won't charge you a penny, even if you never sell a thing. Perfect for fundraisers, adding revenue to any website, special events, or any time you want to sell custom merchandise but don't want to spend the time and money to buy boxes of merchandise and print it yourself. Just upload images and create merchandise, then send your family, friends, coworkers or anyone else a link to your own shop. It's easy.

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