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Magnets Fundraising

Patriotic Magnetic Fundraiser

Patriotic Magnetic Fundraiser

Phone:  888-780-0290

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Sell anyone of these patriotic car magnets. Check out this high profit fundraising program! Visit our website

You can start your fundraiser with the minimum order of 275 magnets.  Depending on how many colors you need, will determine your cost per magnet.  Car magnets normally have no problem retailing for $5.00 each.  Of course, the more magnets you sell, the less your cost, the more your total profit!  

You can use any sports ball and customize it with your team name, colors, and/or mascot, or, use your organizational name, colors, and logo on our 5 ¾” round, paw print, oval or 6" square magnet!  You can get a custom die cut magnet for an additional charge.  

Let us help you design a great magnet in which people can get excited about and you can generate your needed funds!

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