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Fundraiser Programs

Fundraiser Programs

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Christian & family T-shirts, USA decals. HIGH $$ profit/LOW cost!


How much money YOUR group earns will be determined by their enthusiasm and motivation. What better way to create this than by promoting high-quality products that show their faith and that they can be proud to wear!

How it works:

  • Buy the number of brochures you’ll need for your group
  • Take orders for the time frame you determine
  • Collect the money at the time of order
  • Fax or mail me the seller’s orders and I’ll write them up as one order and email you a copy of the order invoice.
  • Send me payment in the form of money order or cashier’s check or check from your church
  • The shirts are generally ready for shipment by the time your payment is processed.
  • Shirts arrive individually wrapped and separated by seller for easier distribution.

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