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Fund Raisers, Ltd.

Fund Raisers, Ltd.

Phone:  800-288-6447

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We understand that our clients’ projects last a lifetime and that there is only one chance to do it right. Fund Raisers, Ltd. is the forerunner in the engraved brick and tile industry, offering a total product and service package. We make marketing and managing fundraisers simple, yet profitable, by sharing tools and ideas that have made our clients’ campaigns successful since 1987

Fund Raisers, Ltd. guarantees the quality of the engraving and the filler in the engraved letters for the life of the brick. We guarantee that our filler will result in the lettering remaining legible with no deterioration (chipping away of the inside of the letter) or collection of dirt or debris in the letters, a common occurrence in engraved but "unfilled" bricks.

We have hundreds of fill options available.  Filler is inserted into the engraved letters to preserve the quality of the engraving and to provide a permanent contrast, which assures future legibility.  Below are the most popular filler colors.  Contact our sales representatives to see other options.

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