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Flynn  Fundraising

Flynn Fundraising

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Flynn Fundraising Corporation is a family owned distributor and consultant to organizations wishing to deal with an experienced, honest, and hard working company. Our goal is to make every group the most profit possible. The Flynn's do this without discouraging the people that you turn to for your sales. We don't inflate our prices just to ensure that your group makes unattainable profit goals. The base costs remain the same for every group on every sale. After all is said and done "you don't put percentages in the bank". By allowing you to decide what retail prices work best with your consumers, we can adjust your program, enabling your group to make the most money possible without disappointing the end consumers. If your end consumers are turned off by your first fundraiser, they are more likely to NOT SUPPORT subsequent fundraisers, as are your sellers. With over 40 years of combined experience, and the stability of a fully stocked warehouse and freezer, the Flynn's are able to meet all of your fundraising needs in a way that won't turn profits away

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