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Easy Fundraising Cards

Easy Fundraising Cards

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Easy Fundraising Cards offers top quality fundraiser cards with profits up to 90% - Call us at 1-800-543-4371 to get started right away. We offer all-inclusive pricing, we get the merchants and design your cards then send you a proof. After that we print and ship the cards all with no upfront money in most cases. Simply stated, nobody else provides you with the same features and quality for a lower price! Fundraiser Cards Simply Make Life Easier for Organizations Needing to Raise FundsRaising funds can be a difficult task for any group or organization, particularly when times are a bit tough and the economy isn't in its best shape.  Fundraiser cards can make life easier for schools, church groups, sports teams, and other organizations that need to raise money quickly - even a substantial amount of money.  When you have a product that customers actually want to buy, and the work/effort involved is far less than with other usual methods you've used to raise funds, it's just easier and less stressful all the way around.  If you're interested in what fundraiser cards have to offer and what make them stand apart from the ordinary, keep reading. Just how profitable are those other products you've used in your fundraising efforts over the years . . . considering?  The actual dollar amount isn't all you should think about when you wonder just how profitable a product is - how easy it is to sell to the customer is another factor in how much money you raise, and how quickly you raise it.  For instance, take a $2 candy bar; sure, you may make $1 if you sell one, but this is a product that isn't considered a necessity by most people, therefore it's a bit more difficult to sell to those who really don't have a lot of money to spare.     With fundraiser cards, your organization enjoys $5 per card profits at the very minimum, and because they offer a way for customers to save money for an entire year on the services/products they would normally spend money on regardless, it's an easy sell.  An easy-to-sell product and high profit margins are what really get the job done!  

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